Dear student, please pay attention to some of our General issues:

1. Executor's responsibilities.

The Executor undertakes the responsibility to:
1. Teach Russian/ Kyrgyz language to The Student;
2. The Executor is obliged to resolve all problems concerning documents and to provide suitable study conditions.
3. Be forthright, impartial, and resolve any problems by discussion and agreement. Respect the opinions and way of life of The Student and help with any problems of an ethnic or religious manner which might arise.
4. The Executor is not responsible for students safety during trips (to both Kyrgyzstan and other countries), organized by themselves.

2. Student's responsibilities.

1. Carry out all instructions about organizational matters given by the school staff or manager, such as the register of non-attendance and sickness. The Student should inform school management of any threats to their person, property, or flat, so that the school may take appropriate action. 2. Attend all classes punctually on the scheduled day; to conduct themselves appropriately even in difficult, stressful situations. 3. It is agreed that all disputes will be resolved by discussion and The Student agrees to respect the opinions, norms, and ways of life of the local people. 4. In the event of any unreasonable behavior by the Executor such as: -Poor-quality lessons -Any other breaches of this agreement. The Student must submit his\her complaint, in writing, on the first two occasions. Only after the third occasion he\she can break the agreement. 5. If The Student leaves his\her courses without proper notice, the school reserves the right to inform various organizations of the breach of agreement, including Kyrgyz Immigration officials, the local police, educational organizations, and the appropriate embassies. 6. The Student should notify the administration at least two weeks in advance if he\she wishes to extend the courses or school accommodation. 7. The Student may not interfere with financial and organizational matters of the school. 8. If The Student signs up for long-term courses, the school retains the right to rotate the teachers The Student has for courses.

3. Termination terms. Cancellation

If The student decides to cancel course prior to arrival, the School will refund deposit providing the student gives 2 weeks notice in writing. However, any bank fees will be deducted. Where less than 2 weeks notice is given, the School will not refund any deposit paid. If The Student would like to terminate the agreement after payment for courses has been made for his\her own reason, the school will not refund the payment. The Student has no right to demand reimbursement once: o the Student's details have been entered into The London School's database and after courses begin o classes have been missed through fault of his or her own; o classes on holidays, (The London School does not work only on such holidays as the 8th of March, the 21st of March, the 9th of May, Kurman Ait, and Orozo Ait), these lessons will be reimbursed.

4. Extreme Circumstances.

The Parties shall be released from responsibility for the partial or complete non - performance of their obligations under this agreement, if this non-performance results from Extreme Circumstances. These consist of but are not limited to: natural disasters, robbery, wrecks\crashes, fire, mass disorders, strikes, revolutions, military operations, and unlawful acts of third parties. These also include any legislative acts, government resolutions, and other or edicts of state bodies which directly or indirectly forbid types of activities indicated in the agreement, preventing the parties from execution of their functions under the Agreement and circumstances beyond the Parties' will. In these circumstances any fees already paid will not be returnable.